A few words about our transplanting tool

Until now in order to transplant seedlings by hand we had to open a hole in the ground, put them in and then cover their roots with dirt. This is a very tiresome job considering that we have to bend down and stand up many times, especially if we have lots of plants.

By using this tool, we make these three steps quickly, easily and mostly hassle free because the whole job is done by standing upright. The size and depth of the hole is adjusted so that the seedling’s roots are fully covered with dirt.Except from seedlings we can plant onions, garlics, leeks, potatoes etc.

The tool is available in two sizes 5x5cm and 7x7cm in order to cover the whole range of seedlings. It is made of 2mm thick sheet metal with electrostatic coating finish for the best protection against moisture and dirt friction.

Payments accepted : POD (Payment On Delivery) Currently shipping available to Greece and Cyprus.

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